June 16, 2018

Velvet Acid Christ since its inception has always been an emblematic band, a band that has always balanced the best of the goth, the best of the EBM-Industrial and the Horror / SciFi themes that have made every VAC album a bit of sonic brutality, always reinventing with each record and becoming today one of the most respected and influential artists of the Electro-industrial and goth scene worldwide.


And just a few months of his new album, Bryan Erickson, leader and founder of Velvet Acid Christ very kindly agrees to give us an exclusive interview for Alterno MX.


"I had visions of a soft corroded crucified being"


Alterno: Today, VAC is one of the big names in the Electro'Industrial scene, the name is simply Brilliant, who inspire you to adopt this name for your project?


VAC: Its complicated. We were first called cyber christ, but after tripping, i had visions of a soft corroded crucified being, in a way its how i saw my self. But in the end, it also had irony to it, as i have been at odds with most religions.


Alterno: When you decided to start VAC, you always been as a solo project or you always have some support?


VAC: Is and always will be some kind of duo project sometimes trio. It started as a Duo, then trio, then duo, then solo, then duo. I prefer working with people. alone is very hard.


Alterno: How inspire you to adopt the style you perform as VAC in your first years?


VAC: I was a goth. In the Denver scene. I listened to a lot of neo folk, goth rock, and then found industrial and techno, and trip hop. All these things fused to make VAC.


Alterno: Tell us about your musical influences before electronic music, name 5 non electronic favorite bands


VAC: I started with Rush as a kid, Then Duran Duran, Then the b52s, then Def Leopard, Then The Sex Pistols.


Alterno: Calling Uv The Dead is considered as a partway in the history, not just for VAC, even in the industrial music history, you were the first band mixing Trance rhythms and Dark Electro, how it surge this idea?


VAC: We were on acid, Gary brought home a Juno Reactor CD, Transmissions. This blew us away. We were like, ok, lets fuse industrial and goth, and this sound. So we started buying analog gear and fx, and started deconstructing trance and incorporating it in our sound, also the prodigy was a staple as well.


Alterno: What do you usually inspire on to write your lyrics?


VAC: My brain is just wired that way. My Mind is always singing and talking and making rythm and force.


Alterno: What was the intention of doing a parallel project as Toxic Coma?


VAC: Toxic Coma was first, VAC was born out of Toxic Coma. That is what people do not know. When we started making music, it was a competition on trackers on the Atari and Amiga 500 with samples to try and make the trippiest most bizarre sounding music, we would get together on the weekends and have listening parties and laugh our fucking asses off.


Alterno: What has been your best and worst experience on a tour?


VAC: 2000 tours in europe and usa, coming home with no money. Managers, labels, and crew are up all the funs, so i worked my ass off for nothing. it made me quit for 2 years. but i came back stronger and more determined and i fired all managers and crew.


Alterno: In your point of view, what difference do you see between the American public and the European public?


VAC: Americans are more fun. They dance and scream. They also buy more stuff. Europeans are festival junkies, and are used to just standing around for hours in the sun. We do have good European shows but mostly in the eastern part of Europe. I love Europe though. But still, i am a an american.


Alterno: With the new single "Wrack" we hear a clear return to the Calling uv the dead days, is what we can expect from the new album or will you continue with the line started in Lust For Blood?


VAC: The new LP is a throw back to cold and fun. We went analog again, got lots of breaks, and powerful sounds. its more in your face and loud though, some of it is just plain brutal.


Alterno: Any message for your Mexican fans ?, you have many fans in our country.


VAC: I want to play there so bad, but we are having a hard time getting it booked, my band mate lives in Germany, so getting it all set up is very hard.. we hope this winter to be in mexico.


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